Aluminium radiators

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Aluminum radiators PRO are produced in the most modern European Ferroli Group factory. The production is equipped with advanced equipment from leading European manufacturers. When designing the radiator, all modern requirements were taken into account, all the leading achievements in the production of radiators were used. Particular attention was paid to the efficiency, reliability and competitiveness of products, while observing the highest level of quality.


Pleasant appearance

Its studied design provides it with modern aesthetics, making the use of radiator covers unnecessary, which would otherwise force the instlallation to be remodelled.

Maximum duration

The special corrosion resistant alloy used in its manufacturing and a controlled manufacturing process makes them likely to last as long as your house.

Complete water-tightness

Our exclusive elastic seals system between elements ensures proper water-tightness indefinitely. Maximun operating pressure: 6 bar.

Perfect finish

They are supplied individually painted with polymerised epoxy resin, which provides them with a beautiful and lasting finish, assembled in sets of 2 to 12 elements and protected with a thick retractable plastic cover and side cardboard protection.

Reduced space

The high thermal transmission power of the aluminium and the advanced design of the element allow it to achieve a high emission with limited batteries.